2019 Vietnam Youth Integrity Survey

Vu Ngoc Anh, Christian Levon, Nguyen Thi Kieu Vien, Towards Transparency (2019)

Corruption remains a serious problem in Vietnam despite continued efforts and strong determination of the Communist Party and the government of Vietnam to eradicate corruption. A noticeable corruption effect seen worldwide is the public loss of trust in the government, especially by youth. Integrity, according to Transparency International (2009), means “behaviors and actions consistent with a set of moral or ethical principles and standards, embraced by individuals as well as institutions, which create a barrier to corruption”. It is a learned behavior, therefore promoting and exercising integrity needs to start from education. It needs to become a social norm that is championed by society and nurtured from an early age. Thus, understanding youth perceptions toward integrity, their attitudes, and actions when faced with corruption is pivotal as a first step towards building a society of integrity.
Youth are the main foundation for a country. They represent the future of society, which they shape through their attitudes and behaviors. Transparency International shows that young people know that corruption is wrong, that they are willing to report on and expose corruption, and that they aspire to live in societies that are fair, transparent, and rooted in integrity. However, societies make it increasingly difficult for youth to live up to the standards of integrity when governments, education institutions, parents and other role models fail to promote an environment of integrity.

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