The main activities of the Share4VNDev project include:

(1) Review, introduce Books in the field of Development, translation, and publish books in the field of development.

(2) Daily update of development, socio-economic-political news related to Vietnam economic growth and global trends; lessons of success and failure from development stories in countries around the world.

(3) Introduce, share journals, research articles; collecting data and expert opinions for research and practice activities in the field of development.

Besides, Share4VNDev will also share development opportunities in the field of development, short-term and long-term training courses, advanced Master and Ph.D. courses for passionate young people. Within the framework of its activities, Share4VnDev uses the United Nations organization’s Development definition: Development is an effort to improve all aspects of the people’s physical and spiritual lives. Sustainable development seeks balanced development among three main pillars: economic, social, and environmental: promoting prosperity and economic opportunities; improve social welfare; at the same time, ensure environmental and ecosystem protection. This is considered the best way to improve the lives of people in the world.