Impact of institutional quality on sustainable development: Evidence from developing countries

Efficient environmental resource management is a serious concern for sustainable development in developing countries. This study determines the impact of institutional quality on sustainable development, based on total factor productivity improvements through the environmental regulatory process by way of abatement policies using an augmented endogenous sustainable growth model. Based on panel data covering 66 developing […]

Reimagining Internationalization in Higher Education Through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the Betterment of Society

Higher education institutions (HEIs) play a critical role in creating and distributing the knowledge required to tackle the complex global challenges faced by society today. This role is frequently linked with the concept of the internationalization of higher education, but this concept in practice is also subject to criticism. This article argues that integrating the […]

Global Humanitarian Overview 2021

Global Humanitarian Overview 2021 COVID-19 has triggered the deepest global recession since the 1930s. Extreme poverty has risen for the first time in 22 years, and unemployment has increased dramatically. Women and young people aged 15 – 29 working in the informal sector are being hit the hardest. School closures have affected 91 percent of students […]

Greater Mekong Subregion Health Cooperation Strategy 2019–2023

Greater Mekong Subregion Health Cooperation Strategy 2019–2023 Regional health cooperation is a priority under the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Economic Cooperation Program. Efforts to enhance regional cooperation and integration, while fundamental to economic growth in the subregion, expose GMS countries to an evolving layer of health challenges. Increased mobility and trade, including trade in agricultural […]

Fragile States Index Annual Report 2020

Fragile States Index Annual Report 2020 The Fund for Peace 2020 Twenty-three percent of the world’s population live in fragile and conflict-affected states and territories (FCS), generating 2.7% global GDP (OECD 2020). FCS have made least progress in development outcomes to meet Sustainable Development Goals on hunger, health, gender equality and among others. Conflicts have […]

Humanitarian Action 2021 Overview

Humanitarian Action 2021 Overview UNFPA (2021) The UNFPA Humanitarian Action 2021 Overview highlights the needs and rights of women and adolescent girls in emergencies, which are often overlooked. It highlights the world’s biggest crises for women and girls. UNFPA is appealing for $818 million, to reach 54 million women, girls and young people, including 35 […]

Diverse culture – Lessons from stories

Diverse culture – Lessons from stories Hoang Cam and Nguyen Truong Giang, iSEE (2019) The book comprises of a few cultural and social practices that are often misunderstood. It provides explanations for the meaning of such practices from the point of view of the practitioners. Through 14 stories presented in chapter II of the book, […]