Higher education institutions (HEIs) play a critical role in creating and distributing the knowledge required to tackle the complex global challenges faced by society today. This role is frequently linked with the concept of the internationalization of higher education, but this concept in practice is also subject to criticism. This article argues that integrating the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals (SDGs) into the teaching and learning functions, partnerships, research, and discovery functions of institutions has the potential to transform institutions and improve society through internationalization. In this article, the ideological and practical intersections of internationalization and the SDGs are discussed. Examples of initiatives around the world that have shaped societal discourse through the lens of internationalization and sustainable development are reviewed. The authors posit that integration of both concepts would enable HEIs to rise up to the global challenge of creating a better world for all.

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Trans: Bao Nguyen

Ref: Ramaswamy, M., Marciniuk, D. D., Csonka, V., Colò, L., & Saso, L. (2021). Reimagining Internationalization in Higher Education Through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the Betterment of Society. Journal of Studies in International Education, 10283153211031046.