A guidebook on mapping poverty through data integration and artificial intelligence

In 2017, The Asian Development Bank (ADB) dispatched the information support technical assistance project called Data for Development that aims to strengthen the capacity of national statistics offices to meet the increasing data demands for policymaking and monitoring of development goals and targets. One of the project’s output is a guidebook documenting the step-by-step concepts that were developed. One of the components of the Data For Development Project focuses on subnational disaggregation of SDG indicators, particularly poverty statistics, that draws from recent studies combining geospatial data, satellite imagery, and powerful machine learning algorithms with traditional data sources and conventional methods to estimate the magnitude of poverty in specific locations. Such data are critical in aiding government and development agencies to distribute social assistance more efficiently. It is known that poverty statistics is an area where there have been several initiatives to blend multiple types of data. Obtaining timely, granular, and credible data entails integrating traditional with innovative data sources. The development of the guidebook benefited from the experience in pilot tests conducted using data sets from the Philippines and Thailand, in partnership with these countries’ national statistics offices and World Data Lab. “A Guidebook on Mapping Poverty through Data Integration and Artificial Intelligence” includes seven chapters that identifies practical considerations and technical requirements for this novel approach to mapping the spatial distribution of poverty. It also outlines the investments required by national statistics offices to fully capitalize on the benefits of incorporating innovative data sources into conventional work programs. 

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Ref: Asian Development Bank. (2021). A Guidebook on Mapping Poverty through Data Integration and Artificial Intelligence. Asian Development Bank.