Non-Profit Organization Involvement Into the Sustainable Development Goals

Non-profits are an essential part of the community, reaching many sustainable development goals (SDG) without naming and promoting them. They can be empowered to do more.

Non-profits should make the SDGs a prominent point to demonstrate why clients and consumers should buy or use their services to reduce waste and recycle. According to the research gap within the Czech environment, the chapter’s main point is to present the current situation by qualitative evaluation based on three case studies of a non-profit organization. SDGs are divided according to benefits to the community, such as social, economic, and environmental.

Case studies show how difficult it is to identify involvement in individual goals and conflict with its strategy. The uniqueness of the chapter lies in the presentation of its self-evaluation tool, suitable especially for non-profit organizations.

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Šebestová, J. D., Palová, Z., Kantor, P., & Beck, V. (2021). Non-Profit Organization Involvement Into the Sustainable Development Goals. In Handbook of Research on Novel Practices and Current Successes in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (pp. 158-179). IGI Global.