Synthesis Report on Ten ASEAN Countries Disaster Risks Assessment

Sushil Gupta (Main author), United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) and the World Bank Team (2010)

This synthesis report on ASEAN disaster risks has been prepared by carrying out a desk review of already available reports, studies, maps, analyses and assessments regarding disaster risks at the country and regional levels within the scope of the tripartite Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), between ASEAN Secretariat, the UNISDR and the World Bank. The MoC on DRR is a part of ASEAN Agreement for Disaster Management Emergency Response (AADMER), which is in line with the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005 – 2015 (HFA). The objective of this synthesis report is to carry a simplified quantitative risk assessment to determine the social and economic loss potentials and the likelihood of occurrence of different hazards at country and regional levels. The review analyses and assesses disaster risk at country and regional levels, focusing on natural hazards such as earthquakes, tropical cyclonic storms (typhoons), floods, landslides, tsunamis, droughts, and forest fires. It analyses transboundary disaster risks (common risks) and their effects, and projected losses in the absence of mitigation measures (Average Annual Loss, AAL and economic losses for different probabilities of exceedance). The review also analyses climate change assessment, economic developments, and urban expansion and rural development in ASEAN countries.

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